Release Date: 2017-01-26
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about the album

Kristina Fuchs, Mete Erker & Jeroen van Vliet
After her album “Im Röseligarte”, based on the famous collection of 400 years of Swiss Folk Songs, singer Kristina Fuchs, born in Switzerland but living in Holland, decided to research Dutch traditional music. She stumbled upon a collection of Dutch folk songs, recorded and transcribed by Ate Doornbosch for his radioshow “Onder de Groene Linde”.  Since ’57 he had been roaming the countryside with his taperecorder, asking people if they remembered some songs from their youth, and if they where willing to sing them for him. The show was a huge succes and has been running for 37 years till it ended in 1994. Some of the lyrics can be traced back to stories from the Middle Ages.
On this album we created new music, a mix of contemporary sounds and folkmelody’s, to put these old stories in a different perspective. A good example if this is the song above: “Heer Albert”, based on the ancient story of Heer Halewijn.