Mete Erker & Jeroen van Vliet

Saxophonist Mete Erker and pianist Jeroen van Vliet have been partners in crime & music for more then 30 years. They celebrated this with the release of the new duo-album PLUIS on April 1st 2019. Now, January 2022, they released their 3rd album 'in'. Mete Erker and Jeroen van Vliet play hyper-interactive, poetic music: exciting improvisations and beautiful songs.

Mete Erker and Jeroen van Vliet have been working together in an astounding amount of projects of great musical diversity: from the album Hommage of South African trumpeter Feya Faku, the modern dance choreography Sparring Partners of Holland’s great Connie Janssen, to the project Near East Up North, initiated by Mete Erker in 2015, with the renowned ensemble Asko Schönberg and kemençe virtusoso Derya Türkan. In all those years they also worked together as a duo on many occasions, with highlights such as a concert in Teatro Municipal in La Paz, Bolivia and the release of their duo-album Unseen Land, with compositions inspired by the work of artist Mattie Schilders.

In 2014 Jeroen van Vliet won the prestigious Boy Edgar Prijs.
In 2016 the duo released the album Linden with Swiss singer Kristina Fuchs.
In the same year they released the third album of hard-core impro group Estafest for the renowned Hungarian label BMC in Budapest, followed by an extensive tour in 2017. On the 6th & 7th of December 2018, Mete Erker & Jeroen van Vliet recorded PLUIS with a live audience at Beauforthuis, Austerlitz.In the summer of 2021 they toured through the Netherlands and recorded 'in' at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam.

‘..this fascinating album shows improvised music at its fullest potential….a symphony for two….’

‘ .. Erker and van Vliet are among the finest improvising duo’s of the Netherlands ..’

‘.. Tagträumereien schaffen sich während des Zuhörens Raum. Gedanken fliegen dahin, grenzen verschwimmen..‘

‘.. both are poets on their instruments..’